Reading Borough Council


Reading Borough Council

Lonsto have a working partnership with Reading Borough Council for the release of our brand new platform QueuePrime™.

Designed as the next generation business tool that will take care of all your needs on a single platform, we are very excited to be working with Reading Borough council on this new venture that will help improve the customer and staff experience by providing a flexible and mobile service delivery.

A combination of conventional and new technology has helped both Reading Borough Council and Lonsto realise that a flexible, well driven and enhanced customer service strategy does not have to be overly complicated. Coupled with our other systems modules, not only is the system adaptive, it also provides users with module building blocks that helps users to create their own resources and tools.

Project Outline:

  • Complete overhaul of Hardware QMS to Digital QMS
  • 2 x Wall inserted 23″ HD Kiosks
  • Networked Screens with RBC Branded Digital Signage using Stino iChannel
  • Introduction of Fast Track Service
  • Virtual Ticketing and Appointment System Supported by Kiosk check-in and QR Code Scanning via mobile tablet with an Integrated Barcode Scanner
  • Intelligent and Live reporting tools with System Forecasting Trends
  • User profiles with KPI management
  • Internal Messaging System
  • EMail and SMS Portal
How It Works
RBC Install Schematic
LCD Screen Example
Kiosk Example