A system that offers a unique approach to virtual Queue Management with the benefits of monetising the assets to provide a welcomed return on investment.

Whether you are producing in-house promotions via LCD, Ticket Machine or pushing out using HTML5 / Mobile App, NuQ allows users to take advantage of a multitude of system benefits for all stakeholders.

Designed as the Standalone, Integrated and Mobile QMS solution, NuQ is flexible to all your requirements simple or complex and with our other complementary QMS modules, we can tailor each solution to fit your immediate and long term needs.

NuQ is an intelligent system that combines CommuniQ modules and the purpose built tablet modules that are customisable on demand to meet with your everyday business needs.

Core System modules:

  • Ticket Issue Software
    • Reception Issue
    • Self-Service Kiosk
  • Keypad Calling Software
  • Tablet Calling Devices
  • LCD Calling Software
  • Samsung Counter Signage
  • Secure Wi-Fi Network
  • Live Manager Panel and Reporting Tools
  • Queue Manager Setup Tools