Brighton and Hove City Council

Brighton and Hove City Council have worked with Lonsto for over 25 years helping to deliver 1st class customer service solutions. During a recent refurbishment of the council offices, Lonsto worked together with the key stakeholders in providing an adaptive queue management system.

Requirements over the years have changed due to the nature of services provided at the Local Authority; typical examples include, influx of visitors, segmented serving areas/zones and management of a multitude of services.

Upgrading from an old hardware based system to a new digital system proposed more of a challenge than anticipated, however, working closely with the contractors and council staff, system installation and training went smoothly and have continued to provide changes to requirements as and when needed.

Project Outline:

  • Understand the customers immediate and future requirements using a brief

  • Deployment of a test environment prior to go-live

  • Carryout pre-configured system demonstration in anticipation of further changes

  • API into Appointment Booking System and Deploy modules via Citrix

  • Provision of user and in depth manager training

  • Assistance for Go-Live

  • Post installation review


Having completed the successful installation at Barts House in Brighton, Lonsto were invited to carryout the same upgrade for Hove Town Hall with the addition of a Self-Service kiosk required for out of hour operation and weekends.

System Modules

Appointment System


Device Friendly

Printing / BArcode Services


User Management

X-Platform API

How It Works

Barts House System Schematic

PC Keypad

Hove Town Hall System Schematic

Appointment System Callender

LCD Screen Example

Appointment System Time Setup

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