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Newham General Hospital

Newham General Hospital Image.webp

Newham General requested a non-ticket solution for their Urgent care department.


The solution used a tailored head of queue designed based off of WIFI.


There are 5 positions to which the staff call the next patient via WIFI buttons above each position resides flashing lights connected to the system correlating with the 32-inch display screen. 32-inch screen, server, remote support,5 WIFI buttons, access point, UPS.

Project Outline:

•Bluetooth Flic Button

•Vodaphone 3G USB Dongle

•Giada F210U Fanless Server

•D-Link Access Point

•Samsung Galaxy Tab A Andriod Tablet

•Belkin E-Series 4 Plug SurgeStrip Surge Protected Extension Lead 1m

•Phillips Monitor

•RJ45 Ethernet Cable

•X-Frame Kit for Tablet

System Modules



How It Works

Newham General Hospital - How itr works.

Newham General Hospital Install Schematic

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