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VFS Global UK


Lonsto continue to work with VFS Global

Since 2009 Lonsto have supplied and installed a number of systems for VFS Global to help manage the queues for a number of their offices across the UK. locations include London Victoria, London Hounslow, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester and Edinburgh.

All offices have a standardised QMS setup and services offered are adapted to the individual requirements of each location. Recently, we embarked on a successful upgrade project at the Edinburgh office using a PC based solution, which is better served to mange VFS’s long term expectations.

Project Outline:

  • Upgrade conventional floor standing printer to desk mounted Posiflex Touchscreen and Star TSP1000

  • LCD Screens supported using Digital signage and Audio Call Forward [zonal call forward]

  • QMS Server PC with Backup and Dual NIC for VLANs

  • Hardware and Software Keypads

  • 3 Digit 7 Segment over counter LED displays

  • Live Manager Dashboard and Reporting Tools

System Modules




Printing / Barcode Services




User Management

How It Works

VFS-UK-System-Schematics (1).jpg

VFS Global UK System Schematic

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