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Royal London Hospital

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Royal London is a four-location sites Renal, Children’s, Outpatients and a remote site at Mile End Hospital.


The installing process was spreading over many years 3 sites have a ticket printer, controller, hardware keypads and LED displays the other site has a latest build which includes 6 tablets ,32-inch screen and Posiflex.


All of the sites report back to a main pc for in the manager's office so that the current daily flow and stats can be observed.

Project Outline: 

  • One DS437 Shuttle + Power Adapter

  • 40” Samsung LED Monitor + Wall Mount Bracket Kit

  • One Star Asura CPrinter (Android Operating System)

  • One Netgear FS605 Router + Power Adapter

  • PC Keypad software

  • One DVI-VGA Adapter

  • One HDMI Cable

  • Two 4-Gang Extension Leads

  • QMS Reporting

System Modules





How It Works

Royal London Hospital - Install Schemati

Royal London Hospital Install Schematic

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