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EasyTurn Multi Counter 2+1 Kit

EasyTurn Multi Counter 2+1 Kit

The Multi-Counter Queuing System has been designed as a competitively priced solution for all queue management needs in settings characterised by the presence of counters, rooms, offices etc. providing the same service.

Users will take-a-ticket from a pre-printed ticket dispenser and will wait in a stress free environment for their number to be called to an available serving position.

Product Description
Technical Specification

The system is pre-programmed and comes plug and play ready, making installation very easy. The system can be expanded by incorporating additional indicator panels, information boards and radio buttons.

EasyTurn Multi Counter is a popular queue system used by customers in the Education, NHS, Local Authorities, International Insurance Companies, Transport Offices, Port Authorities and many independent/trade businesses.

It enables the improvement of customer service by removing doubt from queuing situations, adhering to an ideal customer specific arrangement.

What comes in a Multi counter Kit?

  • 1 x Main Display with versatile horizontal and vertical mounting brackets

  • 1 x Multi Counter Radio Frequency Call Forward Button

  • 1 x Ticket Dispenser with Mounting Bracket

  • 1 x 5 Rolls of Alpha-Numeric Tickets

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