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EasyTurn 2 Digit Kits

EasyTurn 2 Digit Kits

Similar to the RD90 and the RD90RF the EasyTurn is available in either RF or hardwired option.

A default internal chime sounder will activate if a speech unit is not connected.

There are a number of upgrade options, such as, multiple displays, multi-language voice announcements and additional call forward units.

Product Description

EasyTurn 2 Digit Kit is a simple to use cost-effective solution to manage the basic single queue requirement. It is easy to install and comes plug and play ready.

The Kit includes:

1 x 2 Digit Display Board
1 x RF Remote Control
1 x Ticket Dispenser
1 x Power Supply Unit
5 x Tickets Roll (2,000 tickets per roll)

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