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Queue Management System

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Step 1: Walk in

Customers enter the premises and will head to one of the kiosks inside.

Step 2: Using the Kiosk to print a ticket

If the customer is not there for an appointment, they can and use the walk in service

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Step 3: Ticket Printing

A ticket number will be printed at the Kiosk and the customer will wait to be called forward.

Step 4: Waiting Area

Customer waits for their name or ticket number to be called.

Step 5: Customer Call Forward

The desk clerk will be able to call forward the customers using either:

  • A PC Keypad, if they are using a desktop pc.

  • A tablet keypad, if using a tablet device.

When the clerk calls forward the customer the digital signage player will flash with the persons name and which desk they should go to.


The Digital Signage Player also shows the number of different queues with information like:

  • Number of people in queue

  • Average waiting time

  • Next 5 tickets in queue 

  • Queue summary

Step 6: Customer arriving

The customer arrives at the desk and discusses the customers business

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