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RD90 RF Kit

RD90 RF Kit

The RD90RF system uses more advanced technology. The ticket controlled system comes with a clear LED style display screen and bleeping sounder, to call forward the next customer ticket number.

Employees control the flow of the queue by activating the call forward buttons. The indicator panel increments to the next number, enhanced by a bleeping sounder and flashing display.

Product Description
Technical Specification

What comes in an RD90 RF Kit?

  • Plug in 12volt transformer that powers the main display panel

  • Red LED two digit display panel with wall mounted brackets and internal bleeping announcer

  • Ticket dispenser with wall bracket

  • Five rolls of alpha numeric tickets

  • One Radio Frequency Call Forward Button


Upgrade Options:

  • Graphics and or signage on display

  • Up to two additional duplicate indicator panels connected directly to main display
    Metallic display frame, in a choice of colours

  • Three sided display frame, 360 degree visibility

  • Addressable monitor push button, with mini LED display to replicate number shown on main LED display

  • Signage available in moving message formats, information panels and text

The RD90RF Kit can be extended to cover wide areas, supported by additional indicator panels, information boards and call forward buttons.

Developed from an electro-mechanical unit in the 1970s, the RD90RF Kit has been modernised to provide businesses with a low cost solution that vastly improves queuing organisation.

The RD90RF system provides immediate benefits, creating coherent and relaxed queues. It also provides the opportunity to create impulse purchase situations.

The systems are frequently found at delicatessen counters, shoe shops, college enrolments, police stations and customer service points.

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